Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chinese Names Translated

Born during the night = Andy Lim 
Born blind = Kenneth Sy 
Born being swindled = Lino Co 
Born while cooking = Nilo Toh 
Born as 10th child = Sam Po 
Born while being courted = Lily Gaw 
Born fat = Bob Uy 
Born little = Kathy Ting 
Born different = Eva Yan 
Born with porridge = Lino Gaw 
Born looking for someone = Allen Sia 
Born while counterfeiting = Faye King 
Born during Sunday = Lyn Go 
Born with malice = Mali Sia 
Born angry with someone = Ally Tan 
Born with picture = Lara Huan 
Born with sweets = Ken Dy 
Born undefined = Sam Ting 
Born while taking a bath = Lily Go 
Born not to take a bath = Dinah Lily Go 
Born while buying = Bill Li 
Born secretly = Tina Go 
Born to pass flatus = Otto Tin 
Born ugly = Kaw Yan 
Born Normal = Nath Ting Wong 
Born Abnormal = Sam Ting Wong

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